Sri Panchmukhi Hanuman Chowki

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This product is extremely Pran-Pratishthit,AbhimantriåÊ& Siddh (Energized) during Shubh Muhurat

Sri Panchmukhi Hanuman Chowki symbolizes the power of Lord Hanuman.

Sri Panchmukhi Hanuman Chowki the Sri Yantra is a diagram or figure formed by joining nine triangles, interlocked that surround and radiate from Bindu (central) point. It is a very sacred and sanctified object according to Hindu‰۪s culture and traditions. Shri Hanuman Yantra symbolizes the power of Lord Hanuman.

Benefits of Shree Hanuman yantra

‰ۢ It represents the physical and mental strength, and it protects you from all the evil souls.

‰ۢ According to astrology, this Yantra is used to remove the malefic effects of planet Mars.

‰ۢ This Yantra makes you mentally very strong and fearless also. Bring home this chowki and feel the benefits.

ˆ__ˆ_Àˆ_âˆ__ˆ´â ˆ_¤ˆ__ˆ_¡ˆ´�ˆ_¨ˆ_Àˆ_¥ ˆ_ш´�ˆ_¡ˆ_âˆ_´ˆ´܈_â ˆ_¨ˆ´àˆ_â ˆ__ˆ_ш_µˆ__ˆ_¬ ˆ__ˆ_¬ˆ´�ˆ_¨ˆ__ˆ_¬ ˆ_¥ˆ´à ˆ_Ɉ__ˆ´�ˆ__ˆ´�ˆ__ ˆ_ӈ_¡ ˆ_Ɉ__ˆ´�ˆ__ˆ´�ˆ__ ˆ_»ˆ´�ˆ_¡ˆ_¥ˆ´Ĉ__ˆ_À ˆ_ӈ_¡ ˆ__ˆ_¡ˆ_Àˆ__ˆ´�ˆ_¡ ˆ_¥ˆ__ ˆ_µˆ_¡ˆ´�ˆ_£ˆ_¬ ˆ_¥ˆ_Àˆ_øˆ__ ˆ_ш_øˆ__ ˆ__ˆ´ö ˆ_ψ´Ü ˆ_»ˆ´âˆ_ψ_¥ ˆ_ӈ_¡ ˆ_üˆ__ˆ_¤ˆ_¥ ˆ_¥ˆ´Ü ˆ_Ɉ__ˆ_Àˆ_¡ˆ_Àˆ_¥ˆ´�ˆ__ ˆ_üˆ__ˆ_¤ˆ__ˆ_¡ˆ_£ ˆ_¦ˆ_¥ˆ´�ˆ__ˆ_À ˆ_ӈ_¡ ˆ_ψ´�ˆ__ˆ__ˆ_¬ ˆ_¥ˆ´à ˆ_üˆ__ˆ_´ ˆ_¨ˆ_Àˆ__ˆ__ˆ´Û ˆ__ˆ´öˆ´_ ˆ__ˆ_ш_µˆ__ˆ_¬ ˆ__ˆ_¬ˆ´�ˆ_¨ˆ__ˆ_¬ ˆ_¥ˆ´à ˆ_¥ˆ_ö ˆ_¡ˆ´âˆ_»ˆ´܈_â ˆ_¨ˆ´àˆ_â ˆ_üˆ´à, ˆ_»ˆ_âˆ__ˆ_¨ˆ´�ˆ_Ј´Û ˆ__ˆ_¬ˆ´�ˆ_¨ˆ__ˆ_¬ ˆ_¥ˆ´Ü ˆ_üˆ_ˆ_üˆ´à ˆ_»ˆ´�ˆ_¡ˆ_¨ˆ´�ˆ_Ð ˆ_¨ˆ__ˆ_¬ˆ__ ˆ_ψ__ˆ__ˆ__ ˆ__ˆ´öˆ´_ ˆ_øˆ__ ˆ_�ˆ_¥ ˆ_üˆ´�ˆ_´ˆ__ˆ_»ˆ_Àˆ__ ˆ__ˆ_´ˆ´�ˆ_ø ˆ__ˆ´ö ˆ_¥ˆ_À ˆ_»ˆ_âˆ__ˆ_¤ˆ__ˆ´�ˆ__ˆ´� ˆ_»ˆ_âˆ__ˆ_¨ˆ´�ˆ_Ј´Û ˆ__ˆ_¬ˆ´�ˆ_¨ˆ__ˆ_¬ ˆ_¥ˆ´Û ˆ_»ˆ´âˆ_ψ__ ˆ_¬ˆ´à ˆ__ˆ_¨ˆ´àˆ_¦ˆ__ ˆ_¦ˆ_¥ˆ´�ˆ__ˆ_À, ˆ_»ˆ´�ˆ_¡ˆ_üˆ_Àˆ__ˆ´�ˆ_¤ˆ_À, ˆ_üˆ__ˆ__ˆ_ü ˆ_ӈ_¡ ˆ_üˆ´�ˆ_µˆ_üˆ´�ˆ_´ ˆ_¦ˆ_¡ˆ´ۈ_¡ ˆ_¥ˆ´Û ˆ_äˆ_»ˆ__ˆ_ˆ´�ˆ_¤ˆ_À ˆ_¥ˆ__ ˆ_¨ˆ__ˆ_¡ˆ´�ˆ_Ñ ˆ_»ˆ´�ˆ_¡ˆ_¦ˆ_üˆ´�ˆ__ ˆ_¥ˆ_Àˆ_øˆ__ ˆ__ˆ´öˆ´_

Hindu religious texts describe the amazing and wonderful nature and character of Lord Hanuman which endows with extraordinary power and wisdom to the worshipper and sadhak. Out of the many forms of Lord Hanuman, Panchmukhi Hanuman is said to be the most prominent. It is an established fact that the worship of Panchadhatu Panchmukhi Hanuman has always paved the way for the attainment of power, fame, courage and healthy physique.

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