Sparkling Crystal Lotus Flower Hue Reflection Feng Shui Home Decor and Gifting (4 Inch/ 101 MM)

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  • The lotus flower represents peace, purity and enlightenment, symbol of good fortune
  • Material: super crystal glass, the light can shine through it from the bottom
  • Size: 4" in diameter, Can be placed on a turntable.
  • Wonderful hit for your friend or family and nice decoration
  • Beautiful sun catcher for the window, it sparkles when the sunlight hits it

The Sparkling Crystal Lotus Flower is a good choice:
When you place it on the window, it glistens when the sun light hits it and creates a wonderful rainbow of color;
Amazing reflective color shines around your room, starts you out feeling more cheerful;
Besides, the crystal lotus can Feng Shui your office, it is symbol of good fortune.

Can not find a nice gift for your friend or family?
The Colorful Crystal Lotus will be a hit for them:
It is the symbol of peace, purity and enlightenmen, represents your good wishes;
Eye-catching design, attractive work of art for everyone

Eager to find a pretty decor in your house?
The lotus flower decoration solves your problem:
It picks up light and makes a prism across the room when placed near a window;
Sparkle in the light and makes a great home decoration.

Material: crystal glass
Size: 4 inch diameter
Color: rainbow color

Package includes:
1x Crystal Lotus

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