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Original Crystal Sphatik Shree Sumeru Yantra

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  • Original Crystal/Sphatik Shree Yantra
  • Best Suited for Laxmi Poojan
  • Use Kamalgatta Mala / Lotus seed mala with this yantra for poojan
  • Place it in your Home Temple
  • Weight Big - 400-500 grams | Small - 20 to 40 grams.

The crystal Sriyantra is regarded as being highly effective because it is made up of pure,natural,crystal stone but it is also a three dimendional representation of the cosmos. These three factors made the crystal Sriyantra very effective in balancing the negative & positive rays present in the universe

Sri Yantra is one of the most auspicious, important and powerful Yantras. It is capable of bestowing totality in life. Crystals harmonise the aura around us and removes the negative energy.

Placement: Yantra is best kept in the East portion of dwelling facing West. East is the governing direction of solar deity- Sun and Mahalaxmi, the Goddess of Abundance. It is considered the most auspicious & holy of all directions from where positive energy enters a dwelling. When Yantra is placed here, it‰Û÷s energy spreads in the entire dwelling to ward away malefic and purify all negativities and usher in good luck, peace, prosperity, harmony and health.


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