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Original 6 mukhi / Six Faced Nepali Rudraksha bead with Lab Certificate

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Comes with Lab Certificate

6 mukhi Rudraksha is the center of the power of Lord Shiva̍s second son, Kumar Kartikeya. It gives learning, wisdom and knowledge and increases will power. Moreover, it saves us from the worldly sorrows. A combination of four face Rudraksha and six face Rudraksha enhances the vocal & mental power of the wearer amazingly. It is very good for company managers, businessmen, journalists and editors etc. Lord Kartikeya rules over planet Mars, so wearing this Rudraksha removes malefics associated with planet Mars. The afflictions and influences of Mars can cause cuts, wounds, surgery, injury by weapons, itching of the skin, bone fractures, hemorrhoids, miscarriages and abortions. Wearing six Mukhi rudraksha helps in controlling the malefic effects of Mars and increases the concentration. Six Mukhi rudraksha is very dear to Lord Kartikeya and is the source of his energy.

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