Original 5 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha Bead with Lab Certificate (Silver Cap)

Original 5 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha Bead with Lab Certificate (Silver Cap)

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Comes with Lab Certificate

It is also known as 5 Mukhi rudraksha, Panch Mukhi Rudraksha, Five Faced Rudraksha, Five Mukhi rudraksha. 5 mukhiåÊRudraksha is the form of Rudra namedåÊKaalagni. The wealth, in the form of learning that man gains in the world, should be apparent and permanent only then it is meaningful. Five facedåÊRudrakshaåÊis useful for this purpose. In the long run we lose our power to maintain the learning that we have gained and at last it vanishes. We forget the acquired learning or cannot remember the lost learning only after wearing the five facedRudraksha.

Agni (fire) purifies the metals and similarly five facedåÊRudraksha rectifies all the vices and faults of Jeeva and makes him pure and Jeeva gains the form of Pashupati i.e. the Lord of all creatures after becoming free from the animal instincts. By wearing its mala the wearer's mind remains peaceful. There is no suspicion about the fact that the wearer of Five faced Rudraksha mala never gets untimely death.

A mala ofåÊfive faceåÊRudrakshaåÊis also worn. It keeps the blood pressure normal. And the fear of untimely death disappears. If three beads of Five facedåÊRudraksha are dipped overnight in water in a glass and the water drank in the morning on empty stomach, then the person gets free from blood pressure and related illnesses.åÊThe wearer of five Mukhi gains health and peace. It increases memory also. Five Mukhi RudrakshaåÊmonitors blood pressure and cardiac ailments. Affects all major Chakra points.

Rudraksha with five-faced is the swaroop of "Pancha Brahma" one who wears this will be absolved of sin of murder of a Brahmin."Pancha Mukhi" is the swaroopa of Kalaagni and "Pancha Brahma". This will save one from the sin of murder of "Pancha Vaktra Swaroopa" This is the highest among the wish-fulfilling once, it is said. This is said to be very powerful. One will be freed of the fear of poisonous creatures like snakes and scropions.

One will be freed from worries due to enemies. Five senses will be under control. Yogis say that "Brahma Jyothi" Rudraksha will be available in the form of "Pancha Mukhi" Rudraksha in Kaliyuga. Sins occured dueto illicit relations will be washed away. "Bukhti" and "Mukti" will be obtained, one will become dear to "Parameshwara" Sins begotten due to forbidden actions and deficienceis due to the acceptance of alms will be removed.

Early in the morning "Abhisheka" in Shiva Temple should be performed and the japa of "Om Heem Namah" mantra five times should be performed before wearing this.

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