Carnelian Stone Chain 8 mm for Meditation, Protection, Necklace for Unisex

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  • Carnelian Necklace Pendant Chain
  • Daily and Fashion Wear
  • Natural and fine Quality Beads
  • 108+1 Beads

Carnelian also known as 'The Singer's Stone' ,Balances creativity and mental processes, increase passion and compassion, stabilizing emotions and increases motivation. Carnelian is said to attract prosperity, new resources good luck and increases love, ambition, drive and determination. Carnelian is a stabilizing crystal which activates the lower chakras. It enhances joy, laughter and warmth as it opens the heart. It increases concentration & provides protection against rage, envy and resentment from others and within yourself and encourages a love of life. Carnelian is also considered a powerful motivation stone and hence some called it "Self-Esteem Stone".
Carnelian stone is the Zodiac birthstone of Virgo
Carnelian, stimulates the Sacral Chakra, or Second Chakra
Carnelian meaning in Feng Shui is fire energy
Characteristics: Confidence, Passion, Vitality, Balancing Kapha, Idealism
Our Rosary mala are hand-crafted with Semi-precious gemstones, Rudraksha beads and tassels. The cord running through the beads symbolizes the thread of Life.

Carnelian is said to attract prosperity, new resources and good luck. It is a talisman for success.åÊStimulating the 2nd sacral chakra, carnelian crystals increase creativity, courage, and physical energy.åÊCarnelian is a zodiac stone for Taurus, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo. Carnelian is a gemstone for the base chakra and sacral chakra.

Ancient Egyptians frequently used carnelian for amulets representing the heart, which was considered the seat of life.

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