Blue Sandstone Multi Stone Chain 8 mm for Meditation, Protection, Necklace for Unisex

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  • Blue Sandstone Necklace Chain
  • Daily and Fashion Wear
  • Natural and fine Quality Beads
  • 108+1 Beads

For those looking for an alluring alternative to traditional gemstones, try accessorising with blue sandstone. This beautiful jewel is a dark blue, purplish shade with stunning flecks of silver, making it reminiscent of the night sky. That being said, blue sandstone jewellery is the perfect gift for someone with a mysterious personality. These beads are smooth and excellent polished, so they are very attractive and easy to match. Blue sandstone is widely believed to possess a wide range of metaphysical properties. Some claim it can improve mood, enhance vitality and increase energy levels. Others rely on it to clear the mind and drive out negative emotions like anger and anxiety. Some say its likeness to the night sky represents courage and confidence.It has long been used to promote strength and cohesiveness, both in the wearer's personal life and throughout his or her relationships. This could be because sandstone is believed to dispel abrasiveness of character, replacing it with empathy, understanding and acceptance. Many use it to improve their interactions with others and adapt to change.

Just a reminder that blue sandstone literally looks like a galaxy contained in a rock.


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